4th Edition of Free Guide to Effective Local SEO

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The 3rd edition of my free guide has been like a certain legendary former New England Patriot: had a run for the ages, still aims true, but nobody can say the cleats were hung up too early.

I put out the 3rd edition in late 2016, and the local SEO advice in it has helped business owners and others since then and all the way up to about 5 minutes ago.  But I finally got around to doing the 4th edition, so today is an auspicious day.  Like the previous editions, it’s different from the previous editions in both layout and in content.  Maybe for the 5th edition I can make a hologram of myself that stands in your office and yells at you Gordon Ramsay-style that you’ve cooked your local SEO all wrong.

Anyway, if you already get my email newsletter you’ve already got access to the 4th edition.  Or you can saddle up here and get the free guide now:

Please let me know if you run into any issues in accessing the guide, reading it, etc.

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